• Organisation
    Children 1st
  • Location
    Throughout Scotland
  • Salary
    No fixed salary, fees paid
  • Closing Date
    Wed, 29 Jun 2022 12:00
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The role of the Safeguarder is to identify and safeguard the best interests of a child (or children) to whom they have been appointed in Children’s Hearing or court proceedings, relating to the child. The post holder must work to the highest level of integrity, be guided by and act in accordance with the Practice Standards for Safeguarders at all times, and follow the overriding principle of the Child is at the Centre of the Hearing.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. To ensure that the interests of the child are safeguarded throughout all proceedings.
  2. To undertake all necessary and proportionate enquiries to conclude what is necessary to safeguard the interests of the child.
  3. To encourage and support the child’s understanding of and participation in the hearing and /or court process. To obtain the child’s views if age and maturity allow and make these available to either the Children’s Hearing and /or court.  
  4. To reach, and articulate independent, clear, reasoned and justifiable recommendations within set timescales which will assist Children’s Hearings or courts decision in achieving the best interests of the child as necessary.
  5. Where required, to report to a Children’s Hearing or court orally and /or in writing to assist the hearing or court’s consideration.
  6. To attend and participate as necessary at any relevant children’s hearing and/or court hearing to ensure decision making is not delayed unnecessarily.
  7. To treat information sensitively, securely and confidentially, in accordance with the law.
  8. To act as role model for and promote the values and Practice Standards for Safeguarders and the national Safeguarders Panel.
  9. To engage with and assist in the development of the general practice and conduct of Safeguarders.
  10. To support the ethos of the Better Hearings agenda through treating all concerned with respect, transparency and fairness.


Additional Requirements

  1. To be familiar with the legislation and court rules relevant to the role.
  2. To comply with all current Policies and Guidance for Safeguarders, including the Child Protection Policy, Complaints or Concerns Policy, Data Retention and Data Management Policy and Guidance, Lone Working Policy and the Fees, Expenses and Allowances Scheme.
  3. To meet the Practice Standards for Safeguarders and to comply with the requirements of the Performance Support and Monitoring Framework.
  4. To attend and engage at training and support sessions.
  5. To offer availability of such breadth and frequency to allow the taking of a reasonable amount of Safeguarder appointments.
  6. To submit claims for fees and expenses appropriately and timeously.
  7. To ensure appropriate car insurance is in place.
  8. To display appropriate conduct both during any appointment and in upholding the reputation and regard of the national Safeguarders Panel.
  9. To share information as required with the Safeguarders Panel Team, acting on behalf of Scottish Ministers, including information about availability and matters that may affect ability to remain on the national Panel.
  10. To register as a data controller in the role of Safeguarder.
  11. To exercise due care in the use of information and to hold, return and or destroy information as required by relevant Policies and Guidance.


  1. To be accountable for individual practice and conduct in the role.


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