Wellbeing Pizza

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Pizza Box

As there is already a Wellbeing Wheel for the eight indicators of wellbeing (SHANARRI) Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC), our Scouts decided that a pizza was the best way to depict the Five Ways to Wellbeing.


Feeling close to and valued by other people is really important. Spend time with others you care about like family and friends. Let them know what you’ve been up to and how you’re feeling, then ask them how they are too and really listen to their answer. Why not do an activity together?

Be Active

Regular physical activity helps people of all ages. It doesn’t have to be an organised, fast-paced activity - a walk in the park, an active game, dancing, or hoovering are all ways to get moving. Sometimes it’s nice to be alone, but you could also use being active to connect with other people.

Take Notice

It can be easy to sometimes do an activity without really thinking about it. When you can, slow down and really focus on what you’re doing. Giving things your full attention can help you feel calmer and enjoy the moment. Why not go for a walk and pay attention to the scenery, try a new food and see how it tastes?


Sometimes other people are the best mood-booster. Research shows that just doing just one act kindness a week for six weeks is associated with an increase in wellbeing! They don’t have to be huge gestures: a little note for a friend, or doing an extra chore at home, would be great places to start.


Learning something new can make you feel proud of yourself, and it can be a great way to meet new people. If books and puzzles are your thing, great – but if not, why not try to learn something a bit more practical? You could learn a new football trick, cook something new, or explore a new area.


Activity One

Use the descriptions behind each slice of pizza as a way to begin the conversation on the Five Ways to Wellbeing. Do your young people agree that these five ways do contribute towards wellbeing? Can they think of examples of how they connect, be active, take notice, learn and give? Can you agree more ways in which they may do these better or more often?


Activity Two

Download the Wellbeing Planner instructions and the template and ask your young people to spend at least one week taking notice of and recording where they have done something that contributes to their wellbeing. Do they have a good balance or need to change their routine? You can encourage them to bring back the Wellbeing Planners to have a follow up conversation.


Activity Three

Order pizza (or make your own) to eat whilst talking about the Five Ways to Wellbeing and how to use the Wellbeing Planner. Then you can have your own constructive discussions on whether pineapple has a place on pizza!

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