St Mungo's Academy Health & Wellbeing Podcast Series


1. Who we are
An introduction to the group, its history and its aims. Introducing the theme of loss and the various forms this can take, particularly through the coronavirus pandemic. 


2. Our theme
Loss and Bereavement – A brief discussion on journeying through loss and bereavement. Includes advice on taking care of yourself, and reaching out to others for help when needed. 


3. How Covid Changed Everything
A podcast on the loss of the routine of attending school and spending time with friends. Discusses adapting to change and ways in which to cope with “the new normal.” 


4. Isolation
A podcast about moving to a new city, attempting to fit in at a new school and leaving behind your friends. Discusses the difficulties of expressing feelings, and finding someone you trust to share these feelings with. 


5. Bereavement and Family Relationships
A podcast about bereavement and its effects on family relationships, school work, and friendships. Discusses identifying when you feel you’re struggling, and being able to open up about grief. 


6. Emotional Eating
A podcast about changing eating habits when faced with emotional situations. Discusses seeking help from a trusted person, and different places in which you can find help and discover healthier coping strategies. 


7. Strained Family Relationships
A podcast about family changes and the effects these can have on your wellbeing, your school work and your own relationships with others. Discusses various coping strategies to deal with grief.  


8. Loss of Friendship
A podcast about the changing nature of friendships during the pandemic. Discusses taking time to consider differences in values between friends and to think about what’s important to you. 


9. Social Media
A podcast about how many people use social media to display the best parts of their lives, and feelings of inferiority and insecurity that can come with browsing. Discusses the benefits of taking a break from social media and living in the moment. 


10. Graham Russell
St Mungo’s Academy teacher Graham Russell discusses his experience of lockdown, what he’s struggled with and how he’s coped, and advice he has for young people during this time.  


11. John McNee
St Mungo’s Academy pupil John discusses his lockdown experience, dealing with change and attempting to find a new routine to keep busy and help with his sleeping pattern. 


12. Joseph O’Connor
St Mungo’s Academy pupil Joseph discusses how he’s felt during lockdown, how he’s kept busy and how he’s managed to adapt to not having his usual routine. 


13. Eilidh McFadden and Keri Hughes
St Mungo’s Academy pupils Eilidh and Keri talk about adjusting to home learning and trying to continue keeping active during lockdown, as well as learning to slow down and appreciate things in your life. 


14. Tom Kearns
St Mungo’s Academy teacher Tom Kearns discusses how lockdown has made him think about our relationship as a society with social media and the internet, and how we need to become better at navigating conversations online. He also discusses coping strategies that he’s found beneficial during this time. 


15. Sara McCallum
St Mungo’s Academy teacher Sara McCallum talks about what she’s learned during lockdown and the importance of keeping a routine, as well as adjusting to the changes around her. 


16. Ciara Ferla
St Mungo’s Academy pupil Ciara talks about how things have changed for her during lockdown and the uncertainty faced by everyone. She talks about rediscovering things she enjoys doing as a means to cope during the pandemic. 


17. Safia Ali
St Mungo’s Academy teacher Safia Ali shares her experience of lockdown, learning to appreciate the positive things in life and the importance of reaching out when you feel you might be struggling. 


18. Mhairi Sneddon
St Mungo’s Academy teacher Mhairi Sneddon discusses the challenges of feeling isolated during lockdown and missing friends and family. She shares her experience of discovering new hobbies as a way of coping, and the importance she places on having a routine. 


19. Megan Craig
St Mungo’s Academy teacher Megan Craig talks about her experience of adapting to lockdown and learning new ways to work and communicate with others. She discusses the importance of self care and looking out for others, as well as things she’s found beneficial during the pandemic. 


20. Leeanne Peebles
St Mungo’s Academy teacher Leeanne Peebles shares her experience of trying to find a ‘new normal’ during lockdown and her advice to young people who are finding coping difficult. 


21. Janet Cardle
St Mungo’s Academy teacher Janet Cardle discusses how the pandemic has helped her consider aspects of her life that she could make positive changes to, and her hopes that it may have a lasting positive effect on the environment. She also shares how it has re-established our concept of community and how important it is to share how we are feeling with people we trust. 

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