Argyll & Bute

Our young researchers are based in Lochgilphead and focusing their research on recycling and understanding what they can and can’t recycle in Argyll and Bute. Back in February they visited The Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban as part of Go Green Week.


As the project developed, youth workers Hannah and Sarah supported the group to research TerraCycle - the idea of eliminating all waste by recycling items normally considered to be 'non-recyclable'.

Inspired by the idea of TerraCycle, the group conducted research to find out what recycling facilities were available in their local area, and what people knew about TerraCycle options were available to them.

As it turned out, the vast majority of people did not know anything about TerraCycle - almost three quarters! This is compared to an amazing 96% of people that said they would use TerraCycle if there was a drop off point in their area. 

To further raise awareness of the issue, the Argyll and Bute group had a comic strip made about their project, and continue to campaign for TerraCycle drop off points in local communities to help reduce waste!

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