Getting your project started



Youth workers from Scotswummin share their experience, reflections and top tips in how to get your project started including icebreaker activities, identifying partners and doing the ground work to ensure you’re prepared for engaging young people in heritage.

On Our Wave Length

Youth workers Lauren and Beth share some ice breakers and exercises you can use and adapt while working with young people to help them engage in issues around community, recycling and respect.

  • Looking At The World

    Give young people the opportunity to consider different perspectives and challenges from across the world, and how these contrast with their own experience.

  • Moral Dilemmas

    A series of moral dilemmas for young people to consider as a group exercise

  • Recycling Quiz

    Fun, interactive quiz for young people about recycling, based on the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire format

  • Who Decides

    Get young people thinking about their autonomy by encouraging them to question the choices they make on a daily basis

  • Would You Rather

    Fun icebreaker to get young people interacting with the group by asking a quickfire round of abstract choices

  • How Would You Like To Be Treated By Others

    Exercise to encourage young people to discuss their emotions and consider the consequences of their actions.

Evaluating your project

Once your project is complete, it's important you spend time evaluating its impact. Take a look at the below resources on how to evaluate your project:

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