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The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

Helping young people to cope with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award brings young people together from different socioeconomic, religious and cultural backgrounds for a shared experience during their final year of school.  The programme, delivered over a six-month period, starts with a challenging five-day Outward Bound residential course designed to develop pupils’ personal skills and attributes, such as confidence, determination and the ability to work with others.  Upon returning to school, they work in groups to identify, organise and deliver a project that benefits their local community.  The programme provides a unique opportunity for young people to prepare for their next step onto higher education, training or employment and to make a positive contribution to society.

In addition to the standard follow-up evaluation usually carried out, a short online survey was issued to young people who completed the Award in the past five years, asking them to describe how, if at all, taking part in the Award has helped them to cope with the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. 81 young people completed the survey, of which 91% agreed that the Award had helped them to cope better and 53% agreed it had helped them “significantly” or “a lot”. When asked in what ways their experience has helped them to cope, they describe how they now having more friends to connect with, feel better able to cope with challenging situations, better able to plan ahead and manage their time well, and understand and respect others’ emotions, particularly those they live with. They understand how important it is to stay active and have been able to prioritise getting outdoors and keeping busy to look after their mental health.


“The Mark Scot Leadership for life award has taught me many social skills which have been vital during lockdown as I am spending the majority of my days with them, it has taught me how to work as a team and how to respect people’s emotions and feelings during these challenging times, having a positive atmosphere in my house has helped me and my family to cope with each other, especially with my sister as we usually don’t see eye to eye on things.”

Participant, 2019-20 programme


“It has helped me to feel less stressed and worried about moving online for university as coping with new challenges was something I learned a lot about. Also I have become a key worker, working in a supermarket and having my confidence developed whilst doing this award has been very important whilst working with the public at this stressful time for everyone.”

Participant, 2018-19 programme


 “The Mark Scott leadership course has embedded a growth mindset within my thinking. I am able to learn and push my limits daily, taking the positives of every situation which is ultimately boosting my self-confidence. Furthermore, when I am breaking out of my comfort zone and testing my limits, I am seeing great progress in my studies and personal health and well-being during lockdown.”

Participant, 2017-18 programme



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