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Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award brings young people together from different socioeconomic, religious and cultural backgrounds for a shared experience during their final year of school. The programme, delivered over a six-month period, starts with a challenging five-day Outward Bound residential course designed to develop pupils’ personal skills and attributes, such as confidence, determination and the ability to work with others. Upon returning to school, they work in groups to identify, organise and deliver a project that benefits their local community. The programme provides a unique opportunity for young people to prepare for their next step onto higher education, training or employment and to make a positive contribution to society.


 “I believe that participating in the Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award helped me to gain confidence in trying things that I was previously unfamiliar with. Before I would have preferred to stay within my comfort zone and not do anything that was different from my usual like putting myself out there or interacting or putting myself in certain situations. This helped me develop my communications skills with my team and with the fellow pupils and staff there that I believe will help me in the future when I'm faced with new and strange situations. It also helped me to become more organised with my schoolwork and plan ahead, as I never done that before. I found myself more organised and less stressed out as I had already created plans to aid me with my work.”

Rosie, Dumbarton Academy

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