Organisation and Planning

Skill description

Organisation and planning skills are really important in every area of a young person’s life and they underpin many of young people’s achievements. They help young people to identify where they want to go and break down large goals into manageable tasks. Working to a plan can provide a sense of purpose and deliver better results.


Organisation and planning involves:

  • Setting and working towards goals
  • Planning tasks
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Managing time
  • Working to deadlines
  • Self-discipline
  • Keeping track of resources (money, time, people etc)
  • Filing and storing information, photos and documents online and offline

Skills Mapping


How might a young person develop this skill? 

Individually young people might be supported to identify goals and create a plan for how they will work towards them. Young people also develop organisation and planning skills through progressing and completing tasks required to achieve a youth award.


Youth work gives young people the space and opportunity to test and continue to develop their organisation and planning skills in a safe environment both individually and within a group. This might include taking responsibility for planning youth work activities.


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