Case Studies


Y Sort It

Based in Clydebank, Youth Scotland member group Y Sort it, supported by Generation CashBack, offers programmes and activities for young people across the local communities in West Dunbartonshire. Flexible support from Youth Scotland enabled staff at Y Sort It to adapt and upskill, so their essential youth work offer could continue throughout lockdown. Amanda and Charlotte have regularly taken part in Y Sort It’s online sessions. These sessions helped them feel connected and supported in a scary and uncertain time. Through trying new activities and being involved in decisionmaking, their confidence has grown.  They feel engaged, important and included in their community. Expanding support systems; online sessions encouraged young people to make friends with other young people in the area and to spend positive time with family members.


"Even if there isn’t a call on, you could always speak to someone. It’s built the relationships more. You are seeing and talking to the workers or others more than you would normally."

Emma, young person


"It’s helped a lot with mental health because people were struggling at the start and then after the Zoom calls, you were keeping in touch and you got to speak to a lot of people."

Charlotte, young person


Generation CashBack - Scouts Scotland Grow Activity

Finn, aged 11, is engaged in Generation CashBack funded Grow activity delivered by Scouts Scotland in the Fife region. The Grow activities include ‘Dragon Boating’, Mechanics training and the ‘Big Badge Week’ camping residential. When asked to reflect on changes and impacts he had experienced as a result of this Generation CashBack funded activity, Finn described improved confidence, skills, behaviours and attitudes broadening social networks and increased participation in positive activity. Finn describes this journey in his own words below.


“What I like about Scouts is how you meet friends, and try and encourage yourself to do more active stuff. When you’re at home you just sit and play PlayStation, iPad and Xbox, but when you’re at Scouts you do active stuff that your body likes. Scouts has changed me to be on the right time and all that, and just to be there. I’m more confident with loads of stuff now. If I was to go anywhere  with my parents before I did Scouts, I wouldn’t be able to do it, I was like, nah, I wouldn’t do it, but now I’m in Scouts I’ll give it a go, I’ll try it.”

Finn (pseudonym), 11


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