Looking After Myself

Skill description

This skill can mean different things to different young people but it underpins all other skills and outcomes that young people achieve. The ability to take care of themselves, work on their physical and mental health and transition to independent living gives young people a solid foundation to build from.


Looking after myself involves:

  • Self awareness
  • Reflective thinking
  • Working on my physical health
  • Working on my mental health
  • Building positive routines
  • Managing emotions and behaviour
  • Healthy eating
  • Independent living
  • Managing money

Skills Mapping


How might a young person develop this skill? 

Through youth work young people are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and development. They may be supported to develop coping strategies for problems they face, learn where to go for information or support and build positive and healthy routines.  In youth groups young people can learn about healthy food, how to cook and the importance of being physically active and aware of their mental health. Residentials also help young people to become more independent.

Through their engagement in youth work, young people might take responsibility for managing resources and finances for their youth group. They can then transfer this experience of managing money to their personal lives.

Youth workers are grounded in the communities they work in and understand the individual needs of young people. This means they can provide tailored support to young people helping them to become independent, healthy and in control. 


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