Case Studies


Girlguiding Scotland

Erin, 18, took part in an innovative Girlguiding Young Leader training weekend. It was delivered by the Penilee and Hillington unit leader, who used Generation CashBack funding to create a new training model.


"First aid has helped me in other parts of my life, not just as a rainbow leader. Its useful for my job, good for my cv and gives me confidence that I’d know how to handle something in an emergency. Overall being a leader has definitely given me more confidence. I remember when I first started being a Rainbow leader I was like…really scared! Even though they were really young girls. In high school I didn’t like doing presentations and stuff, but it’s a big part of university life. I’ve had to step up and be a leader of the Rainbows and had to push myself to get more confident in that respect. Now when I’m doing presentations or speaking to a group at university I feel absolutely fine doing it. I think if I hadn’t became a leader I’d be struggling more."

Erin, 18


Scouts Scotland's Young Leaders

The lead strand of Generation CashBack supports youth groups offering young people opportunities to develop leadership skills. Young leaders make an important contribution to their communities and benefit from personal impacts such as greater employability and self-confidence. Scouts Scotland’s Young Leaders Scheme is part of the Explorer Scouts Programme, which encourages and enables Scouts aged between 14 and 17 to support one of the younger sections, for example, Beaver Scouts. Young Leaders from all over Scotland were supported by Generation CashBack to attend a training and outdoors activities weekend at Scouts Adventures Lochgoilhead. The training weekend centred around taking young people out of their comfort zones, in a rural and beautiful setting, to learn how to be compassionate and responsible leaders. Scouts’ Young Leaders develop confidence and other transferable skills. These include understanding different leadership styles, how to communicate effectively and consider accessibility when planning activities, so that young people with different abilities, needs and interests can take part. They gain experience of planning and delivery, to embed this learning in practice.


“Being a Young Leader has helped me because I want to be a child carer when I’m older, I’ve gained experience, and this gets me out a lot more. It’s helped me get to know people and speak to them and build my confidence.”

Zoe, young person


“It definitely helps with team-working skills, and working with people you’ve never met or don’t really know well, it definitely has helped me with that so far. So I’d imagine that doing this weekend, especially cause I’ll have to work with others, will help me even more.”

Timmy, young person


Turf Youth Project

Turf is a Youth Scotland member that works with young people from Pollok and the surrounding areas in Glasgow. They create opportunities for young people to develop skills including leadership and decision making.


"I remember when they first asked me, I thought this isn’t going to work, I’m not good with kids! But I enjoyed it and I’ve been getting better at it. The week before last, we planned a game to do. Being a young leader has meant I have like more confidence, and I feel more capable." 

Jamie, young person

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