Case Studies


Y Sort It

Based in Clydebank, Youth Scotland member group Y Sort it offers programmes and activities for young people across the local communities in West Dunbartonshire. Flexible support from Youth Scotland enabled staff at Y Sort It to adapt and upskill, so their essential youth work offer could continue throughout lockdown. Amanda and Charlotte have regularly taken part in Y Sort It’s online sessions. They told us these sessions helped them feel connected and supported in a scary and uncertain time. Through trying new activities and being involved in decision making, their confidence has grown. They feel engaged, important and included in their community.


I’m on the young person’s management board. We have to make the decision about whether a session is something young people would like or enjoy. I can say how something was from a young person’s perspective. It’s good to know that young people have a part in the decisions. They are always open to other ideas, if you say something they will look into it. They always try what we suggest”

Amanda, young person


Turf Youth Project

Turf is a community-based youth project that works with young people from Pollok and the surrounding areas in Glasgow. They create opportunities for young people to develop skills including leadership and decision making.


“Turf is opening a new place for youth work soon, we were talking about how to design it and what should be in it and what funding we’ll need for it, and how to contact people and write letters. When I’m older my dream is to open my own business, and seeing how Stacey and Josh [Turf’s founders] did all this has helped me visualise that."

Jamie, young person

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