Creating Change

Skill description

Young people live in a complex, interconnected world where their choices and behaviours have consequences and implications for other people locally and globally. The ability to create change equips young people to take action on issues that are important to them. It also means understanding different viewpoints, challenging inequality and prejudice, developing a deeper understanding of rights, taking an active role in their communities, volunteering and participating in democratic structures.


Creating change involves:

  • Taking social action – physically and digitally, locally and globally
  • Sharing opinions
  • Representing the views of young people
  • Empathy
  • Building awareness of issues in local community
  • Challenging prejudice and discrimination
  • Understanding of political systems
  • Influencing decision-making


Skills Mapping


How might a young person develop this skill? 

Youth work supports young people to develop an understanding of themselves, their communities and the wider world. They can deepen their understanding of rights and how to take action to make those rights a reality. Young people might learn about how to engage in democratic structures and be encouraged to take part in policy development and decision making processes within their youth group, local community, local authority, Scottish Government or internationally. They might be offered the opportunity to represent the voice of young people or supported to campaign for positive change.

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