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Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award brings young people together from different socioeconomic, religious and cultural backgrounds for a shared experience during their final year of school. The programme, delivered over a six-month period, starts with a challenging five-day Outward Bound residential course designed to develop pupils’ personal skills and attributes, such as confidence, determination and the ability to work with others. Upon returning to school, they work in groups to identify, organise and deliver a project that benefits their local community.  The programme provides a unique opportunity for young people to prepare for their next step onto higher education, training or employment and to make a positive contribution to society.


“It has helped me make strong friendships with other people that I think will last for a long time. It’s a place where no one can judge you because we all experienced the same feelings and difficulties, it was eye opening as the group members all generated so much support for each other that no one felt alone.   It helped show that difficult tasks can be completed when the right people are around you and it helped show me that I’m capable to do things I never imagined me doing. It was an amazing experience.”

Claire, Cumbernauld Academy

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