Building Relationships

Skill description

Through participation in youth work, young people develop their ability to make friends and understand what healthy positive relationships look like with adults and their peers.    This core skill applies to digital, online relationships as well as offline relationships.

Youth work gives young people the space and opportunity to meet other young people outwith their usual social circle, helping them improve their ability to build and maintain relationships.

Young people are able to develop meaningful and supportive relationships with their youth workers.  These relationships are based on trust and respect and model what healthy, consent-based relationships look like in practice. 


This skill enables young people to do the following both online and offline:

  • Meet new people
  • Make friends
  • Recognise and accept difference
  • Respect and be tolerant towards others
  • Engage in healthy, consent-based relationships
  • Resolve conflict in relationships
  • Develop formal/professional relationships


Skills Mapping


How might a young person develop this skill? 

Youth work provides opportunities for young people to meet other young people in a safe and supported environment. The relationship between a young person and their youth worker is an important element of this core skill. Youth workers are, for many young people, trusted adults and they spend time getting to know the young people they work with, developing and modelling healthy, respectful relationships.


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