Youth Work & the Attainment Challenge

Youth work is valuable for all children and young people, helping them to develop a broad range of skills, capacities and achievements that enable them to reach their potential. It complements the delivery of the formal educational curriculum and should be an integral part of the learning experiences for all young people, raising attainment for all.

Tackling the Scottish Attainment Challenge requires all those involved in Scottish Education to work together to reduce the impact of poverty on educational outcomes for young people – and the current health crisis has only heightened the need to address the attainment gap with an even greater sense of urgency. Youth work has an important role to play in this collaborative effort - helping young people to overcome barriers to learning, nurturing social and emotional wellbeing, as well as providing flexible, tailored support and creating diverse learning pathways through which young people can develop and recognise skills and achievements. 

YouthLink Scotland’s Youth Work and Schools Partnership programme, funded by the Scottish Government as part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge, aims to promote and develop the role of youth work in closing the poverty related attainment gap by:

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