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Activity Agreements are delivered through Trusted Professionals to young people across all 32 local authorities in Scotland. The resources in this section will support local authorities and their partners to best deliver within the Activity Agreement framework.

What is an Activity Agreement?

Activity Agreements support young people who might not make a successful transition to work, further education or training without additional support. 

The Activity Agreement approach supports flexibility and choice in the development of Curriculum for Excellence senior phase learning and pathways.

This National Delivery Model captures the key principles underpinning the Activity Agreement approach.

What is a Trusted Professional?

The role of a Trusted Professional is core to the Activity Agreement approach.

Trusted Professionals come from a range of professions, including community/youth work, education, health and careers. Each local authority area has developed a Trusted Professional workforce to meet the local needs of young people. They give one-to-one support throughout a young person's participation, helping to plan and review a relevant programme of activities to meet their Activity Agreement needs.

This guide explains how one-to-one support is embedded throughout a young person's participation.

Trusted Professional Network

Our Trusted Professional Network helps those undertaking a Trusted Professional role to stay in touch beyond national network events. Find out more here.

Sharing best practice

If you'd like to share practice from your local authority, please contact Sandra McIntyre on 0131 313 2488 or by email.


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