Find the latest resources to explore climate emergency issues with young people in the lead up to and beyond COP26.

COP26 Specific

COP26 Explained

An introduction to what COP26 is and what needs to be achieved, including the answers to frequently asked questions.

COP26 Presidency Programme

Access the COP26 presidency programme here to find out what's happening during the 12 days of COP from 1st - 12th November.

Journeying with your MP to COP

A step by step guide on how to engage with your MP on COP26.

Glasgow Green Map for COP26

An online map of community resources and sustainable and locally run businesses to help COP delegates and activists find local, independent and sustainable places to eat, shop and visit that bring value into local communities.

Together for Our Planet Toolkit

This toolkit will help you talk about and explain COP26 and will provide you with assets, information and ideas for you to use.

COP26 Coalition Overall Messaging

Read the the framing for the overall messaging of the COP26 Coalition for the November activity and in the months coming up.

Engaging different audiences around COP26: a guide for UK-based climate advocates

This guide explores how to communicate about COP26 in ways that resonates across a broad base of society. 

Your Human Rights at Protests: What you need to know

The Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland has published a human rights guide for children and young people who are peacefully protesting at COP26.

VotesForCOP26 Impact Report

Since the COP26 conference Votes for Schools have sent new resources to schools with a summary of what happened and asked, 'Was COP26 a success?' Here is the Impact Report that highlights the responses of children and young people to these questions and the impact they had.

VotesForCOP26 Data Report

Votes for Schools have sent new resources to schools and asked a variety of questions on theme of the climate emergency. Here is the Data Report that highlights the responses of children and young people to these questions and the impact they had.

COP26 Cheat Sheet for Youth Workers

A concise 3 page resource with all of the key information youth workers need to know about COP26.

COP26: A Guide for Youth Workers and Young People

Created especially for youth workers and young people
by YouthLink Scotland to help you get your heads
around what's happening at COP26 in November, including jargon busting information, the key themes, how you can get involved and much more.

How to Host Your Own Mini COP

One way to bring the negotiations to your doorstep is by supporting young people to host their own mini-COP, where local issues such as transport, food and energy can be discussed. This step-by-step guide takes you through the process of working with young people to organise an event like this, whether that’s in a youth group, a school, or in your wider community.

Where to start? Creating a Legacy for COP26

For many young people, getting involved in climate social action may feel overwhelming, saturated, or intimidating. This resource provides youth workers with tools to help young people engage in the legacy of COP26 and climate movement and highlights that there is a place for everyone.

COP26: What were the positives?

Having discussions about these small wins may help young people to feel less despondent about the results of COP26, and this resource aims to break down what the Glasgow Pact actually says and how this differs from previous climate agreements, to make it easier for youth workers to have these conversations and point out the positives. It also points to some helpful further resources which will help young people to visualise the differences that COP26 has made.

COP26 Communication Pack

Learn more about what COP is, why it's relevant to youth work, along with key messages and dates.

Guidance & Further Reading

Hold Your First Climate Action Event

Whether online or in person, making a difference in the places where we live is the most powerful way we can respond to the climate emergency. Read guidance on how to host your first Climate Action event.

Climate Action Plan for Councils

We need councils to turn their political promises on the climate emergency into concrete action by adopting a climate action plan. Find out how to get your council to adopt a Climate Action Plan.

What is Climate Change?

Explore 13 resource modules all on the topic of Climate Change, from the greenhouse effect, to the Paris Agreement.

Climate Teaching Resources

Browse this collection of teaching resources that explore the topic of the climate. Engage your students through activity kits, lesson plans, and tailored PowerPoint presentations.

Education Scotland's National Improvement Hub

Access a range of online resources to provide practitioners from early level onwards with high-quality, accurate and topical resources to help them teach about climate change.

Climate Debt MP Briefing

A briefing to help you speak to your local MP about climate justice and debt cancellation.

NatureScot - Professional Learning

This series of professional learning activities can be done in your own time and at your own pace and will support you through the steps to learning in local greenspace in manageable chunks.

Scottish Government - Outdoor Space Guidance

Guidance and advice for early learning and childcare settings and practitioners on how to access outdoor spaces to create safe, nurturing and inspiring outdoor learning experiences.

Scottish Outdoors Access Code

This resource has been developed to help leaders support young people to explore and understand their rights and responsibilities in the outdoors and apply them to their daily lives. It provides activity ideas that are around the themes of the Curriculum for Excellence, including Learning Outdoors and Citizenship.

UNA Scotland - Big Goals, Small Changes

Whether or not you have just been introduced to the idea of sustainable living or have been trying to better your lifestyle for a while now, this guide will be a great resource for you!

Young Scot - Scottish Outdoor Access Code

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code is all about your rights and responsibilities when you're making the most of Scotland's great outdoors. Whether it's your local green space or beyond, it's important that you #KnowTheCode.

YouthLink Scotland - Outdoor Learning and Education Recovery

This document provides information on opportunities to collaborate with outdoor learning organisations in the Covid-19 recovery phase. It is intended to support local authorities and school leaders, reflecting Scottish Government guidance on working with partners, to plan and deliver Curriculum for Excellence in the Recovery Phase and ensure continuity of learning.

Exploring Climate Justice with Young People

This social studies resource looks at the climate emergency through a Human Rights lens. The perfect Global Citizenship accompaniment to STEM learning for COP and beyond!

Climate Change Makers

Explore how children and young people can share their ideas on tackling climate change with adult decision-makers across Scotland.

Climate Anxiety in Young People Report

This study offers the first large-scale investigation of climate anxiety in children and young people globally and its relationship to government response.

The Climate Coalition

Read, contribute and support the 10 point plan for a green recovery and net zero emissions in the UK.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Access this useful network of climate civil society in Scotland.

Climate Change and Education in Scotland

This briefing provides a summary of how the theme of climate change is addressed in Scottish education.

The Environment: Questions for Learning

This book is for practitioners who are curious and who like to ask questions about the environment, the world and our place in it. The book can help practitioners develop approaches to interdisciplinary learning and to embedding Learning for Sustainability in their practice.

Plastic Atlas

Facts and figures about the world of synthetic polymers, including videos and resources to learn more.

The Brand Audit Report

Corporate Campaign resources such as Missing the Mark and the 2020 Brand Audit Report which both illustrate the role of FMCGs in the plastics crisis and climate.

2021 Resale Report

Read the 2021 resale report, an information website inspiring a new generation of consumers to think secondhand first.

Youth workers guide, a list of action for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

This guide aims to activate youth workers to contribute towards the achievement of the SDGs, encouraging youth initiatives and youth inclusion by promoting democratic life in alignment of SDGs theme.

Net Zero Living Report Findings 2022

Public concern about climate change has risen in recent years but has
not been matched by a significant corresponding shift in behaviours
towards more sustainable lifestyles. If the UK is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, a range of policy measures will be necessary to catalyse the move towards low-carbon living, in addition to wider action from government and industry. But how do the public view such policies, and what would help to engage the public further on this vitally important issue?

It's our planet tooclimate changedisabled people and climate action in Scotland

An Inclusion Scotland report.


Guides & Toolkits

Beyond Your Boundary Toolkit

This resource is for educators of any subject, working with pupils of all stages. It will help you to find, access, use and improve your local greenspace and spread and embed learning in local greenspace in your establishment.

Climate Justice, Climate Change Toolkit

This resource aims to support youth organisations as they explore the issue of climate change from a global justice perspective. It details the impact of climate change on our planet, the inequality of its consequences on people and why this is unjust.

Oxfam - Take Climate Action at Home

Inspired by some of the communities Oxfam works with around the globe, this resource includes ideas for taking climate action at home.

Young Friends of the Earth

This toolkit brings together intersectionality and climate justice with a series of practical tips, workshops and more.

Keep Scotland Beautiful - Litter Pick Plus Toolkit

Your guide to running a successful Clean Up event and maximising its impact.

Six Ways to Change Hearts and Minds About Climate Change

An accessible and easy to understand toolkit outlining six tips for communicating climate change in a way that will change people's minds about taking action. Digital Storytelling Toolkit

A downloadable toolkit on digital storytelling for the climate movement.

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network

Toolkits and guides for taking action with your community, with case studies from SCCAN members.

People and Planet Resource Library

A searchable library of resources and toolkits on how to help your group; from workshops to action guides, briefings to videos.

Britain Talks Climate Toolkit

This evidence-based toolkit is designed to support any organisation that wants to engage the British public on climate change.

Framing Climate Justice

A messaging guide for how to talk about climate justice in an accessible way.

Women's Earth and Climate Action Network

Access reports and toolkits from WECAN International, a solutions-based organisation established to engage women worldwide in policy advocacy, on-the-ground projects, trainings, and movement building for global climate justice.

Fashion Revolution

Access free downloadable resources for educators, campaigners and citizens to learn more about fast fashion and how to end it.

Virtual Lobbying Guide

This outlines the process of virtually lobbying your MP about taking action against climate change, with tips on how to have a good conversation, templates for letters to get in touch with your MP, and other information to help you get creative.

Policy Resources

Monthly succinct guides directly from the Hope for the Future research team about all things climate policy in the UK.

Students Organising for Sustainability

SOS-UK is a student-led education charity who provide access to training, learning events, programmes and campaigns that enable students and society to act on sustainability.

Highland One World - Resources for Youth Practitioners

This resource is designed to help teachers and youth practitioners navigate the many options for supporting learners to explore the issues and work together to bring about positive change.

British Council Green Careers Guide

Do you or the young people you work with want to build a successful career that helps the planet? Get advice and inspiration from universities, employers and professionals.

Global Dimension Learning Resources

Browse hundreds of Global Learning resources from top organisations and publishers, and filter to access climate campaign themes.

Letters to the Earth Toolkit

Letters to the Earth have created resource packs with tools, prompts and exercises to help you bring people together to explore their responses to the planetary crisis and create more connections in your community.

Youth 4 Climate Educational Toolkit

Throughout this interactive document, you’ll find handy hyperlinks to accessible climate engagement materials.

The Youth Work Outcomes Evaluation Framework

Use the Youth Work Outcomes to articulate the difference that youth work makes with, and for, young people carrying out climate social action in Scotland.

Greening the Youth Sector Sustainability Checklist

“Thinking green” is a continuous process, requiring creativity and adaptability. This sustainability checklist serves as a guidelines for integrating sustainability into all aspects of youth sector activities.

Break Free From Plastic Manual

Your Admin, Teacher, and Student guide to transitioning away from plastic in the time of COVID-19. You can also access their toolkit and resource library here.

Our Bright Future Resources

This page contains good practice guides and resources which have been produced as part of the Our Bright Future Programme.

All We Can Save Project Resources

The All We Can Save Project is on a mission to embed climate truth, courage, and just solutions in education — and to make it exceedingly easy to use the anthology within classrooms and beyond.

Outdoor Lesson Ideas - Learning Through Landscapes

These free outdoor learning ideas and outdoor lesson plans are ideal for curricular led outdoor learning or forest school type activities.

Adaption Scotland

The aim of this website is to get people thinking about Scotland becoming climate ready. What would we do? What would it look like? The ideas are generated from people working on adaptation across Scotland and in many different sectors. We asked them to imagine ‘Scottish’ places adapting to climate change and what they would look like. We created an interactive web tool of six typical Scottish places – Uplands, Lowlands, Coast, Infrastructure, Suburbs and City, and show possible adaptation.

Young Placechangers Toolkit

Using this fun toolkit, young people will learn new skills about how to evaluate places, map their community and influence local decision making. This toolkit gives examples of icebreakers, place activities and further reading and information you can
use with your group.

The Prince’s Trust and National History Museum Urban Nature Youth Worker Toolkit

Want to engage young people with the nature on their doorsteps, but don't know how? Then this toolkit is for you. It details activities and ideas that you can use with young people to explore nature in cities. Designed so that no prior knowledge about nature is required, it has been developed By the Natural History Museum in collaboration with The Prince's Trust, Voyage Youth and other regional partners.

Scottish Youth Climate Evaluation Resource

This resource will provide youth workers with advice and a framework to help you think about the conversations you need to have to support evaluation of your youth groups’ climate social action projects. It also includes a range of tools you can adapt and use with your youth groups as you co-design and evaluate the impact of your own and your young people’s role in tackling the climate emergency. See below for an evaluation framework template.

Scottish Youth Climate Evaluation Framework Template

This framework goes hand in hand with the above climate evaluation resource and can be used to measure the impact of youth workers and young people's role in tackling the climate emergency.

Have a Voice. Have a Choice.

Local elections are coming up on May 5th, and for many young people this may be their first time voting. This resource encourages young people to 'have a voice, have a choice' in local decision-making and tells them everything they need to know about the upcoming elections and how to vote in them. Local Authorities have a huge amount of influence over local climate actions, so taking part in these processes is an important way for young people to have a positive impact on tackling the climate emergency.

Local Elections 2022

This resource hosts a range of links to useful websites to support young people to learn more about how they can influence the decision making process in relation to the 2022 local elections.

A Climate Justice Learning Journey

Download the new climate justice resource charting a course through the academic year to support children and young people to learn and act together.

Achieving awards in, through and for nature

This collaborative resource helps practitioners navigate and connect diverse nature-based award opportunities available in Scotland. It demonstrates how nature-based awards contribute to national agendas such as building skills for life, learning and work, and inspiring people about the benefits of wild places and nature connection in tackling the climate crisis and reversing biodiversity loss.

Green Employability

What is a green job, and what skills can young people develop to make them more employable in the climate sector?

Clean Air Day Resources

Find a whole host of resources to support you to engage in Clean Air Day.

This Must Be the Place Resource Pack

 ‘This Must be the Place’ Learning Resource Pack is based on Nesta’s This Must be the Place initiative – nine scenarios showing what Scotland could look like to live and work in a sustainable and hopeful future. The activities in the learning resource pack will help educators to support children and young people to imagine the place they want Scotland to look like in the future. The information and tasks will enable learners to understand what a sustainable Scotland could look like. They will also provide opportunities for learners to think about how they can be involved and help to work towards this.


Lesson Plans & Activities

Shaping Our Future: The Climate Challenge

These lesson plans and supporting resources have been developed for use by teachers and educators of young people aged 7 to 14 to challenge, inspire and empower them to tackle climate change.

Activities for Global Citizenship

This resource provides youth workers access to activities focussed on global citizenship, encouraging young people to engage in global sustainable development and social justice.

Climate Change Detectives

A climate change detective activity sheet to get your young people thinking about the eco errors that are wasting energy and money around the home.

Climate Emergency Activities

This is a collection of activities from Woodcraft Folk, for children and young people that will help you to better understand the climate and ecological crisis and our part in it.

Hope for the Future - Campaigner Workbook

Access resources for lobbying your MP and councilors about climate change, whether that be as a church, school, community group or as an individual. Workshops & Activities

Workshops and activities to help facilitators and educators become more effective both online and offline in learning more about climate social action.

‘This Must be the Place’ Learning Resource Pack

For educators is based on Nesta’s This Must be the Place initiative – nine scenarios showing what Scotland could look like to live and work in a sustainable and hopeful future.

Local Climate Champion Ice Breakers and Conversation Starters

Specifically designed for young people involved in climate social action projects, these ice breakers and conversation starters are a great way to get their ideas flowing!

Telling Your Climate Story Workshop

Young people are ideally placed to have conversations with adults in their lives about climate change and to influence their decision-making around this. Children and young people have a huge amount of influence, and youth workers can help them realise this and prepare them for these difficult conversations.

Rest, Recharge and Resist Capitalism

Many of us are exhausted and burnt out from a year of digital organising in a pandemic and a hyper capitalist world. In order to show up and be present in the struggle, in order to look after others, we need to look after our own wellbeing. This booklet is a resource for you to return to whenever you need some ideas to rest and recharge.

Climate Storytelling Workshop

YouthLink Scotland has put together a climate storytelling resource to support youth workers run a climate storytelling workshop, helping young people unleash their potential through their own stories and experiences. With this step by step guide, youth workers and young people can focus on the different approaches and storytelling skills to start these conversations.

Postcards from the future

An increasing number of young people are feeling helpless in the face of climate change. Working with communities, educators, and parents, we want to show them they can make a difference and their voice matters. Create a postcard from the future with your youth group and submit it to the Create the Future Gallery.

Marine Conservation Society Activities and Games

If you're looking for ocean-themed fun for the kids, then you're in the right place! Here you'll find games, activities and fun for everyone!

Climate Change Dodgeball

A fast paced game to show how increasing greenhouse gases causes global warming.

Learning Through Landscapes Resources

These free outdoor learning ideas and outdoor lesson plans are ideal for curricular led outdoor learning or forest school type activities.

Nature Award Resource

The John Muir Trust and partners have created a resource to inspire practitioners, including teachers and youth workers, to navigate and connect diverse award opportunities available in Scotland, and realise the benefits of nature-based awards for people and places.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code - education resource pack

 This resource has been developed to help teachers and leaders support young people to explore and understand their rights and responsibilities in the outdoors and apply them to their daily lives. It provides activity ideas that are designed to be fun and thought provoking and add value to a number of curricular areas and cross curricular themes of the Curriculum for Excellence, including Learning Outdoors and Citizenship.

Climate Anxiety Discussion Guide

This 4-module discussion guide has been designed by a group of young people trained in talking about climate anxiety. The aim of it is to help you facilitate conversations about the climate crisis while safeguarding young people, navigating strong feelings, and fostering emotional resilience.

Inspiring Scotland Thrive Outdoors Resources

Outdoor play is a life-enhancing experience and we want all of Scotland’s children to thrive outdoors. View a wealth of resources available for you to download and use, so that you can join in with our mission to get all of Scotland’s children outdoors!

What’s your role in the climate movement?

A thought provoking Instagram post by @climateincolour




A free video streaming network dedicated to climate-related films.

Why is 1.5 degrees such a big deal?

Watch this video for a brief answer to one of the key questions about climate change: Why is 1.5 degrees such a big deal?

Where does all the carbon we release go?

Watch this video for a brief answer to one of the key questions about climate change: Where does all the carbon we release go?

Why Act Now?

Watch this video for a brief answer to one of the key questions about climate change: Why act now?

Why is the world warming up?

Watch this video for a brief answer to one of the key questions about climate change: Why is the world warming up?

What is Net Zero?

Watch this video for a brief answer to one of the key questions about climate change: What is net zero?

2040 Documentary

A community based around the film 2040, which explores what life could be like in 2040 if we take up climate solutions which already exist.

NMS Climate Emergency Films

Three short films from the National Museum of Scotland, accompanying teachers’ notes and worksheet exploring the climate emergency, our role and choices surrounding it and how it links to a variety of careers.

Why Climate Change Is a Threat to Human Rights 

Climate change is unfair. While rich countries can fight against rising oceans and dying farm fields, poor people around the world are already having their lives upended — and their human rights threatened. Mary Robinson asks us to join the movement for worldwide climate justice.

True Tube - The Earth Films

Access award winning short films on the theme of 'The Earth'.

​Take One Action

Browse, watch and share 100s of films on a wide range of key social and environmental justice issues, from women’s empowerment to climate change, via access to education or food sustainability.

2021 SDG Action Zone

The third annual edition of the SDG Action Zone brought the UN to the world, and the world to the UN. All sessions are available on demand now.

Greening the Youth Sector - Sustainability Checklist

“Thinking green” is a continuous process, requiring creativity and adaptability. This sustainability checklist serves as a guidelines for integrating sustainability into all aspects of youth sector activities.

Climate Leadership for Young Practitioners

Handbook 1

This handbook provides an introduction to the theory behind climate change and provide links to session plans and online content which you can use with your young people.

Handbook 2

This handbook provides an introduction to social action and provide links to session plans which you can use with your young people.

Handbook 3

This handbook provides tips on how to engage young people about climate change when using social media.

Newsletters & Magazines


Join thousands of researchers, policymakers, designers, and educators who rely on Anthropocene to keep up to date on the latest sustainability science and innovations.

The Carbon Brief

A daily digest of the day's media coverage of climate change and energy.

Hot Take

Weekly commentary on the climate events of the week as well as a round-up of the best climate coverage of the week.

Global Optimism

Signals Amid the Noise, a curated weekly update on government, finance and corporate net zero news.

Shado Magazine

A youth focused multimedia platform highlighting the intersectional work of activists, artists and writers across the world.

Quizzes & Games

Climate Action Superheroes

This Climate Action Superheroes game aims to empower children to be heroic leaders for change. Each of their missions has downloadable content including activities for kids to do with the help of an adult, including a fun quiz for you to see how much you know about sustainability!

ClimateHero Carbon Calculator

Take the quiz to calculate how big your carbon footprint is.

WWF Footprint Calculator

Take the questionnaire to see how big your environmental footprint is.

Electric Vehicles Quiz

How much do you know about Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV)? Put your knowledge to the test - take the quiz!


Other Resources

Designing for the Circular Economy

This presentation is designed to be used as part of the Design Thinking Project, where students will learn about the Circular Economy and repurpose objects from their everyday lives using the principles of Design Thinking. Download supplementary presentation plan.

OWL Scotland Resources

Explore a wide range of outdoor learning resources from OWL Scotland. Search the library using keywords, or by topic or age and stage.

Slow Ways

Use Slow Ways to discover suggested walking routes between neighbouring cities, towns and villages.

Woodland Trust - Find Woods

Take a look at the Woodland Trust woods near you with this helpful map. Discover the best woods for walks, wildlife watching and history.

Make My Money Matter

Information on how your pension could be funding the climate crisis and how to divest it.

Climate Specific Mental Health

This list spans hotlines, nonprofits, diagnostic tools and other resources devoted to addressing climate-specific mental health.

Climate Central - Coastal Risk Screening Tool

An interactive map showing areas threatened by sea level rise and coastal flooding.


Mass pressure from customers will force our banks to defund fossil fuels. Find out if your bank is ethical and sustainable.

My Plastic Diary App

Track and reduce your plastic footprint with this app. Log all plastic items you buy, set goals, receive virtual awards and share your progress on social media to inspire others.

World of Books Ltd

World of Books buy directly from charities, taking the titles they don’t want or haven’t got space for. So as well as preventing the destruction of perfectly good books, customers are helping to support good causes too.


Posters & Calendars

Countryside Calendar

Find out about the different land management activities going on throughout the year using this calendar.

Explaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Access the sustainable development goals, explained in an easy to understand, cartoon poster format.

Nature's Calendar

Here’s a list of the species and events that you can record for Nature’s Calendar. This list has been carefully selected by scientists to help us understand how wildlife is affected by weather and climate change.

Our Scots Pine

A beautiful poster of Scotland's national tree 'Our Scots Pine', illustrated with a selection of the flora and fauna associated with the tree, as well as uses.

What's on My Plate?

A sustainable development goals poster to support young people to stop and think about the food on their plate and where it came from.

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