Read the latest environmental blogs from young people and organisations from across the sector, focused on Our Bright Futures' three asks:

Ask 1: more time spent learning in and about nature
Ask 2: support to get into environmental jobs
Ask 3: policy makers, employers, businesses, schools and charities to pay more attention to the needs of young people and the environment

Beyond COP26 – The Power of Youth Work

With November's critical COP26 summit bearing down on us, Jenni Snell believes the youth work sector now more than ever has a chance to help young people secure lasting change.

Unite the Youth Work and Environmental Sectors for A Bright Future

YouthLink Scotland Policy Manager Kevin Kane outlines Our Bright Future's plans to bring the environmental and youth work sectors together to ensure that young people are at the heart of the creation of a greener, fairer society.

From wilderness to webcam - the adaptability of the youth work approach!

Having to cordon off the mountains and lochs and meet our young people online from living rooms and kitchen tables, was a head scratching moment as Robin Jeffery, Delivery Manager of Venture Scotland explains.

Youth workers can be part of the solution by signing up for free climate emergency training

With COP26 now less than a fortnight away, YouthLink Scotland's COP26 Training Development Officer Freya Aitchison urges youth workers across Scotland to take advantage of a unique, free training opportunity.

Putting young people at the core of climate policy

YouthLink Scotland’s Policy and Research Manager, Kevin Kane looks at the symbiotic relationship between climate change action, youth voice and the need for policy change.

Of living things - bringing together community for action on climate

Deep in the urban environment of Provanmill, St Paul’s Youth Forum has created a green oasis, bringing together the community and growing a generation of climate activists.

Facing up to climate anxiety

This generation of young people are facing the very survivability of the human race. Stephen Finlayson, Head of Innovation for mental health charity, Penumbra believes climate anxiety is normal, it’s a rational response to the Climate Emergency.

Teaching the injustice of the world climate crisis

“Who leads the fight on climate change, who’s bearing the brunt and impact of climate change, what has contributed to our world being in decline, and how we tell the real stories behind that about who caused that destruction in the first place.” Yvette Williams MBE from the Justice4Grenfell Campaign

It’s our social responsibility to go green - here's 10 tips so you can start today

The youth work sector has the great mission of supporting and guiding young people through some of their most transformative years. It’s a mission Eurodesk and ERYICA take to heart by always finding different approaches to serve young people and focus on what matters to them.

Promoting youth action for people and planet

As a UK-wide conservation charity - dedicated to the experience, protection and repair of wild places – we believe that wild places are essential for people and the planet. Tackling climate emergency and biodiversity loss is core to the work of John Muir Trust.

Supporting young leaders in climate action

According to Catherine Leatherland of Scottish Wildlife Trust, COP26 should be the catalyst for change.

New Prince’s Trust research reveals young people want to be part of a green economy

The Prince’s Trust team in Scotland talk us through their latest global research, which shows the majority of young people believe their generation can find a solution to the climate emergency.

Scotland’s party leaders left ‘chastened’ on climate action by audience of young people

In the run up to the recent Scottish Parliament elections, young people launched a scathing attack on party leaders at the #ScotHotSeat youth climate hustings, accusing them of ignoring the climate emergency facing their generation.

Youth work's role for people and planet - Scottish Government perspective

Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Higher Education, Further Education, Youth Employment and Training and Mairi McAllan, Minister for Environment and Land Reform talk about youth work’s crucial role in supporting young people to take action on climate.

Young people have done their bit, now it's over to world leaders at COP26

On Youth Empowerment Day, our COP26 Training Officer Freya Aitchison reflects on an inspirational three days at COY16 and the momentous challenge ahead. Young people have done their bit, now it's over to world leaders at COP26. 

Young people can visualise a different way of doing things, which is why we should help them shape our future

Woodcraft Folk's Scottish Officer Fleur Gayet imagines a world where those in power listened to children and young people to create a brighter future.

Balancing hope and fear for Scotland's young climate activists

Meet YouthLink Scotland's COP26 Development Officer for Training Freya Aitchison, who's tasked with helping youth workers strike a balance between fear and optimism as we approach COP26.

All the tools youth workers need to help young climate activists save the world

Meet Naomi Dixon, YouthLink Scotland's new COP26 Development Officer Project Coordinator, and the architect of a new online platform designed to help youth workers galvanise Scotland's burgeoning army of young climate activists. 

New online platform launched to support Scotland's young climate champions

A new online platform featuring over 100 activities, lesson plans, podcasts and more has been launched to help youth workers galvanise Scotland's COP26 climate champions.

Storytelling to save the world

Throughout Scotland's Year of Stories, young people have the potential to change the world through the power of storytelling, writes Freya Aitchison.

Young people, climate change and co-design - collaborating for the planet

Read about the achievements the Climate Co-Design Group have been working on to develop opportunities for young people to improve their knowledge of climate change!

What does the new IPCC report mean for youth workers?

A blog by Freya Aitchison about the most recent IPCC report which came out a couple of weeks ago, on the impacts of climate change and how youth workers can respond to the report.

DofE Climate Action Now - Blog by Ainsley Martin

Ainsley Martin is an Operations Officer at DofE Scotland. She is also a recent graduate of the 2050 Climate Group Young Leader Development Programme. As an outdoor enthusiast, her climate concern began from an environmental focus. She is keen to support young people who are taking part in their DofE to explore climate base issues, and encourage leaders to extend their own knowledge too.

Re:Green Raleigh - “A chance to get out into nature after a year of online university”

“A chance to get out into nature after a year of online university”: Ellen reflects on her Re:Green experience. When Ellen, a geography student at the University of Birmingham, volunteered on Re:Green she learnt a lot about climate change and the environment which supported her studies. Here she shares her experience from volunteering in Scotland and highlights the importance and benefits of spending more time in nature. 

Young people must be at the heart of Scotland’s political decision making on climate change

During the week where Local Council elections took place all over the country, Rhona Smith (Policy Volunteer, 2050 Climate Group) discusses the importance of engaging young people in decision making processes related to the Climate Emergency.

Embedding children’s ideas into decisions making to create a positive future for our climate

Written by Rachel Nixseaman, ERCS member, Network and Delivery Manager with Democratic Society, and CLD Standards Council for Scotland Associate.

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