Learning for Sustainability & Youth Work

Learning for Sustainability & Youth Work 

Our vision is of a flourishing Scotland where sustainable and socially-just practices are the norm.... and our roles and responsibilities within a globally-interdependent world are recognised…learners are educated through their landscape and understand their environment, culture and heritage; and develop a sense of place and belonging to their local, national and global community, with a deep connection to the natural world. Here, learners will understand the significance of their choices, now and in the future. 
The Report of the One Planet Schools Working Group (November 2012) 


The youth work sector has a key role to play in achieving Scotland’s 2030 vision for LfS in educational settings and is already massively contributing through youth work projects that support 

  • Outdoor Learning – Taking young people’s learning outdoors, connecting them with nature and biodiversity and offering fun, active and adventurous experiences which offer new perspectives and a sense of place.  
  • Global Citizenship – Strengthening the awareness and connection that young people require to engage with local, national and global challenges and understand how decisions in Scotland can affect the lives of others globally.  
  • Sustainable Development Education  Developing young people’s knowledge and understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals, enabling them to take action to reduce inequality and create a more just and equitable society whilst also learning how to live sustainably within the limits of our planet.  
  • Youth Social Action - Recognising and supporting young people’s motivations to take action, make a difference and influence change within their communities, society and the environment.  
  • Political Literacy - Supporting young people’s participation and decision-making in society by increasing their understanding of our democratic processes whilst developing critical thinking, research and debating skills.  
  • Climate Change Equipping and enabling young people with the knowledge and skills required to take action that contributes to reducing and reversing the effects of climate change 

Other youth work activities that support LfS include Citizen Science; STEM; Heritage & Culture and International Development.  


You can also watch the recordings of our recent session with Learning for Sustainability Scotland to find out more about the role of youth work in Learning for Sustainability. 

Youth Work and LfS -1-https://media.ed.ac.uk/media/1_ybuh2hv4

Youth Work and LfS -2- https://media.ed.ac.uk/media/1_8mg4hvmx


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