Get inspired with the latest blogs, toolkits and podcasts on all things climate emergency in the lead up to COP26!


Outrage + Optimism

This podcast explores the stories behind the headlines on climate change, talking to the change-makers turning challenges into opportunities.

The YIKES Project

Hosted by climate justice activists Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker, this podcast takes a nuanced and sensitive look at some of the big issues of the world that usually make us say yikes.

Mothers of Invention

Hosted by former President of Ireland and climate justice advocate Mary Robinson, this podcast hears from a variety of women from all over the world who are coming up with innovative solutions to the climate crisis.

Hot Take

Journalists Amy Westervelt and Mary Heglar discuss the ways climate is talked about and not talked about in the media.


A true crime podcast focussing on how the fossil fuel industry covered up the truth about the link between their industries and climate change.

So Hot Right Now

Tom Mustill and Lucy Seagle interview a wide variety of people about how to talk about climate in an accessible and easy to understand way.

Green Dreamer

This podcast explores options for collective healing, ecological regeneration and wellness through conversations with diverse thought leaders.

How to Save a Planet

Marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and journalist Alex Blumberg talk to people who have already come up with solutions to the cliamte crisis.

A Matter of Degrees

A podcast which tells stories about the levers of power that have caused climate change, and the tools we have to fix it.



David Lammy - Climate justice can't happen without racial justice

In a stirring talk about building a new movement to care for the planet, MP David Lammy calls for inclusion and support of Black and minority leadership on climate issues and a global recognition that we can't solve climate change without racial, social and intergenerational justice.

Panel Discussion - How youth climate anxiety is linked to government inaction

75% of children and young people feel the future is frightening. Watch the panel discussion on a groundbreaking new study about climate anxiety, and join the live discussion.


Case Studies

'Who doesn't love a turtle?' The teenage boys on a mission – to rewild Britain with reptiles

A climate change detective activity sheet to get your young people thinking about the eco errors that are wasting energy and money around the home.

Sixteen-year-old Dara McAnulty wins Wainwright prize for nature writing

Dara McAnulty, a 16-year-old secondary-school student from Northern Ireland, has seen off competition from established writers to win the Wainwright prize for nature writing, for his debut Diary of a Young Naturalist.​

Youth Climate Film Project

Watch climate change themed films produced locally by young people and youth groups as part of the Youth Climate Film Project, to stimulate discussion about climate change.

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