Climate Emergency Training

Climate Emergency & Youth Work

Young people across the world have been at the forefront of demonstrating their voice and leadership in raising awareness and tackling the climate emergencyWe know from a survey by Ipsos Mori (2020) that 84% of the Scottish public are concerned about climate change and that concern is highest among young people (96% of those aged 16-24 are concerned). We also know from YouthLink Scotland’s engagement with young people and representatives from the youth work sector that one of their priorities for the development of the new National Youth Work Strategy 2020-2025 is the environment and climate change. With Scotland being one of the first countries to declare a climate emergency there has never been a more crucial time for the youth work sector to step up and lead the way.  

At YouthLink Scotland we recognise and champion young people’s motivations to take action to reduce and reverse the effects of climate change. We believe that youth work has an important role to play in advancing young people’s climate literacy and supporting them to take action for a more sustainable future As a sector we have a long tradition of supporting young people’s participation and decision-making in societydeveloping their critical thinking skills; advancing their understanding of the world around them and empowering them to have a voice and take action. As a sector we are well placed to be undertaking youth work activities and programmes with young people on the climate emergency.

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