We have unfortunately had to postpone this campaign due to the COVID-19 pandemic, keep an eye out for updates on it re-launching! 


Download our campaign toolkit and get involved throughout 2020's year of coasts & waters. 


The recent Youth Strike 4 Climate movement has showcased that young people are passionate and serious about the environment around us. In their communities, young people want to feel safe and proud of spaces in which they spend time and socialise with family and friends. On a global level, young people are worried about environmental challenges that threaten their future. 

Recent statistics from the Scottish Household Survey show that the greatest increase in concern around climate change and the environment is among adults aged 16-24, rising from 38% in 2013 to 67% in 2018.

Results from the National Youth Social Action survey (2018) show that there is a strong appetite from young people to engage in environmental social action, particularly to protect animals and wildlife. By utilising their talents, entrepreneurialism and creativity, young people can and should be a key part of the solution to environmental threats.

That is why alongside Scotland's #IWill Ambassadors  we are launching Scotland's #IWill4Nature campaign to tie in with Scotland's 2020 themed year of Coasts & Waters. 


Our short video briefly outlines why some #IWill Ambassadors think that their voices need to be more meaningfully included in environmental decision making: 

Our #IWill4Nature climate campaign has two challenges. 

  1. #IWill Ambassadors are calling on all 32 local authorities to host a special planning and environment committee where young people and politicians can work together to reduce waste and pollution in their communities. We urge councils to make a pledge to convene these committees during the Year of Coasts and Waters 2020 so young people are at the heart of local environmental decision-making.
  2. #IWill Ambassadors are also calling on all cross-sector organisations to build a movement supporting #IWill4Nature to ensure that more young people have a voice and take action for the future of our planet.  

At the launch of their campaign the #IWill Ambassadors also unveiled a new Scottish youth tartan - ‘PowerOfYouth’ - to celebrate the strength and power of young people’s voices. The colours for the tartan were chosen by the #IWill activists to reflect the colours of Scotland’s natural heritage.

We need more people from across society to support and campaign for young people’s voices to be meaningfully included in decisions which impact our planet. We’re calling on youth workers, schools, voluntary organisations, businesses and health care settings to join with us and challenge local and national goverment to take action on including young people’s voices!
Help us build a campaign that really changes the future for our young people and our planet. We all need to take action if we want to ensure a positive future for our planet. Regardless of which sector you work in, it’s time to take action, celebrate the #PowerOfYouth and say #IWill4Nature! 

Download our campaign toolkit and get involved throughout 2020's year of coasts & waters. 


We also have a selection of #IWill4Nature resources that you can use to support you throughout the campaign, this will be updated regularly so keep your eyes peeled for new information and tools. 

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