Thomas McEachan


Thomas was 19 years old when he joined #iwill in 2016! He is from Glasgow, Scotland.


"I didn’t have the best start in life, growing up in a single parent household in Glasgow Pollok, a community rife with poverty. Taking part in social action gave me the vital voice which is so important to young people from my area of Glasgow."

"I represented my community nationally with the Glasgow Youth Council, campaigning on issues important to young Glaswegians. Later on, I took this advocacy role one step further when I became the democratically elected member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Glasgow Pollok, and then even further by being elected as the Member of the UK Youth Parliament for Glasgow, representing my community across the United Kingdom. It was amazing to speak for Glasgow in the House of Commons in November 2015."

"I blog, post YouTube videos and use other social media to update other young people and the wider community on my social action journey. As well as making sure our voice is heard, I’m determined that young people should be involved in key technological advances regardless of their background or circumstances."

"Since I became involved in social action, my confidence has grown enormously. I used to be shy, but now I can use my voice to be the forefront of change."


Organisations Thomas has participated with:


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