Rebecca Macleod


In 2016, we were joined by a new #iwill ambassador, Rebecca, age 13 from Aberdeen!


"When I was younger, I was very shy and introverted and I didn’t really speak up for myself. But when my mum volunteered to train as a leader for Rainbows four years ago, I offered to help out as I’d been a Rainbow before I moved up to Brownies and Guides. Now I can help younger girls in Rainbows who are quiet and shy like I used to be, encouraging them to come out of their shells."

"Having volunteered since I was only nine, I now dedicate two evenings a week to helping out at Rainbows. I’m glad I can give something back to a club which helped me when I was younger. It’s sometimes difficult giving up so much time after school, especially if I have a lot of homework or school stuff on my mind. But when I’m tired, I just think about the girls that I work with and they give me the motivation to keep my energy levels up."

"My experience working with the Rainbows means that, as I get older, potential employers will see that I’m trustworthy - I’d like to start working more with children soon."


Organisations Rebecca has participated with:


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