Razannah Hussain

Razannah became an #iwill ambassador in 2018, this is her social action journey so far:

"As a young Scottish-Indian Muslim girl who wears a hijab I want to break the stereotypes some people have of me and other Muslim women. I wanted to show the world that wearing a hijab doesn’t stop me from anything and that I choose to wear it because it empowers me. I also want to help my community as it shaped the way I am now by never letting me feel different. Living in a rural community in the Highlands has made it challenging to do social action at times as there is not much money to fund projects. 

However, when I was 14 I started volunteering locally with the Alness Academy Wing and Young Scot’s Year of Young People, volunteered and mentored at after-school clubs, and joined the local youth forum. Being involved with Year of Young People as a member of Communic18 means travelling all the way back and forth to Edinburgh but it is always worth the trip!

I now run an after-school club for primary school children. I also work through the Year of Young People with the Scottish government and NHS Scotland, and help organisations to design events and opportunities for young people. I believe that youth voice will improve the future for Scotland’s young people.

I am proud that I have a positive impact through my social action. It gave me the confidence to challenge a Google director about the lack of racial equality in their team! 

I organised a week of activities based on Year of Young People themes, with the Create 18 fund, and this brought members of my local community together. 

I have also worked with Police Scotland to help shape the way they interact with young people.

Without a doubt, my social action has given me the confidence and proof that if I believe in something I can achieve it!"

Organisations that Razannah has been involved in, include: 

  • Alness Academy Community Wing
  • Young Scots Year of Young People
  • Communic18
  • Mini Movers.
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