Rachael Hatfield

Rachael became an #iwill ambassador in 2018, take a look at her social action journey:

"I was 15 years old when I became a member of my local youth forum and campaigned for young people in my area to have their voices heard and valued. This mattered to me a lot as having additional support needs myself I felt so many people ignored my views and ideas.
I became Chair of the youth forum, and gained related employment working with young, carers, young people who are care experienced and those who need a bit of extra support before going to college or entering a job. I am now on the executive committee of the Highland Youth Parliament and sit on the management committee for a charity, Highland Children’s Forum, supporting the local authority to make sure policies and practice. are used in the right way for children and young people.

My social action has not only benefited my community, it has also given me a voice and a greater understanding of what it is like to be young right across the Highlands, and I have learnt new skills and feel respected. My colleague Brenda has really inspired me. To her, none of my ideas is stupid and she is always ready to help me out!"

Organisations that Rachael has been involved with, include:

  • Highland Youth Parliament
  • Highland Children’s Forum.
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