Jordan Abernathey


Jordan from Dundee and Tayside is one of our #iwill ambassadors of 2015! They were 18 years old when they joined.


"I firmly believe in equality for all – a guiding principle that I live my life by. I started doing more for the MOGII (Multiple Orientations Gender Identities Intersex) community by volunteering with Gay Men’s
Health in Edinburgh. Here I got my first taste of what I could do to help people, and how it made me feel when I knew I had made even a tiny difference."

"I then moved to Dundee where I started my work with Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland, helping promote safer sex and encourage positive decision making. I started college here in Dundee where I set up the
LGBT+ society with the help of staff and other students. This has allowed me to help make the college a more welcoming place for MOGII/LGBT+ students. I feel I have made a real difference by acting as an information point for both staff and students by sharing my knowledge on MOGII/LGBT+ matters. I was also elected chairperson for the local LGBT Youth Scotland youth committee, an amazing opportunity to gain experience in engaging with the community."

"Through all these experiences I’ve found that social action doesn’t have to be difficult. Just be motivated and believe in the cause you are fighting for, and together we can truly make a difference."


Organisations Jordan has participated with:


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