Joel Meekison

Joel became an #iwill ambassador in 2018, find out more about Joel's social action journey:

"I have always been interested in why the decisions being implemented around me in society have been made. This led me to join the Glasgow Youth Council where I interacted with other young people who wondered the same and as the Council works with the local authority it felt like a good small but steady step into social action.

My eyes were quickly opened to the extent to which young people were marginalised in many decisions that affect them, sparking my great passion for social action and activism. In addition to the Council, I work with numerous charities and the Scottish government, including through the Scottish Alliance of Children’s Rights and have worked closely with UNICEF on their work in Scotland.

As an ambassador for Year of Young People 2018 in Scotland I advocate for children’s voices to be heard in even more spaces and work with government to incorporate young people’s voices into the consultation process.

Through running workshops, speaking at conferences and working with organisations to show them different campaign and activism approaches that incorporate young people’s views I am proud to have got more people around me into social action. Despite talking to lots of decision makers and my advocacy work, there is absolutely nothing more empowering than when another young person gets involved in a cause.

Social action has given me access to an amazing quality of education, be it through academics, chief executives, or advocacy experts who have shared their experience with me so I can apply it to my activism journey. It has created a passion in me for learning and then using what I have learnt for further social action."

Organisations that Joel has been involved with, include:

  • Glasgow Youth Council
  • Year of Young People
  • Scottish Alliance of Children’s Rights.
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