Jade Forsyth


Jade became an #IWill Ambassador in 2017. Read her social action journey:


“My social action is about sharing my personal story with others to raise awareness of young people’s mental health. I created a film to show how mental illness makes me feel, with the aim of encouraging other young people to open up about their mental health. I was diagnosed with psychotic depression two years ago and so I feel it is important to help young people recognise mental health conditions and talk to someone if it gets too much.

I launched my film at my local youth centre in Falkirk and some of the young people watching called it 'emotional but informative' and said they would be 'sharing, discussing and promoting' the video. Another suggested using the film in schools and youth clubs and that sharing it across social media would be incredibly helpful. Because of this feedback, I feel my story really resonated with those that I wanted to help, as well as helping raise awareness of an important issue.

Social action has helped me to deal with difficult issues in my life, learn new skills and become more confident. It gave me a voice, and helped me to meet new people.”

Organisations Jade has participated with:



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