Isma Tariq


Isma became an #IWill Ambassador in 2019. Read her social action story: 

Young people are the ones that will suffer the mess created by previous generations - if our voices aren’t heard.

We want to be able to live without fearing that climate change will destroy our planet. We want to go to school and not have to worry that people will bully us because of our skin colour. We want to know that there is mental health support for us. We want to feel reassured that the world cares about us. We want all of the above and lots more. And to achieve that, we have to make sure our voices are heard, in whatever way we can.

I’ve been making my voice heard through social action since I was 14. In my business management class at school, I led a creative team to raise money for a charity supporting children’s education in Africa. This first experience of social action helped me improve my team working, team leading and money management skills, as well as encouraging me to be more open-minded and listen to others’ ideas. F

or a couple of months now, I’ve volunteered with Human Appeal, an international development and relief charity. I carry out various activities to raise funds and awareness, and lately I’ve been working to support their Yemen appeal.

I’ve also just joined Glasgow Youth Council, which is made up of young Glaswegians aged 12-25. Their motto is ‘To listen, to speak, to change’ which sums up the value of youth voice to me.

Most recently, I’m really excited to have been elected as the Member of Scottish Youth Parliament for Glasgow Pollok. This will give me an extraordinary opportunity to improve the lives of young Scots, and make sure that they can have their say about important decisions that affect them.


Organisations Isma has worked with: 

  • Scottish Youth Parliament
  • Human Appeal 


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