Grace Warnock

Grace became an #IWill Ambassador in 2017. Read her social action journey:


“My social action has been through launching a campaign to help educate others about accessible needs. "Grace's Sign" is a campaign where I designed a new sign to be placed on accessible toilets to raise awareness of the fact that those who use an accessible toilet may not have a visible disability. It’s important for people to not judge what they can't see – and have empathy for other people’s situations. My campaign is about getting people to stop and think before they judge.

The campaign has raised awareness of invisible disabilities in my area and allows those who need to use an accesible toilet to do so without being judged or verbally abused.

Thanks to getting involved in social action, I have had many opportunities through the Scottish Parliament and Young Scot to do more. Because of this, and through social action I have gained in confidence in dealing with adults and I feel like I have become more socially aware.

I have also been involved in raising funds for Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children, Crohn's & Colitis UK , and Fight Against Cancer Edinburgh: FACE.”


Organisations Grace has participated with:



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