Fynn Donaldson


13 year-old Fynn joined the #iwill ambassadors in 2016. She is from Edinburgh!


"I got involved with coaching volleyball through Active Schools. Now, I coach primary school children every week. I love volleyball, and so it’s fantastic to help young children to take part. I was inspired to start coaching by Zoe Smith and Heather Brownlee, who coach volleyball for Scotland East - they work really hard to inspire young people like me to play, and so I’d love to be able to pass that on to future generations. Volunteering my time to coach hasn’t always been easy - it can sometimes be tricky to think of new active and fun activities every week! However, planning sessions with the kids has made me much more creative. Working with primary school children has definitely made me a more patient person too!"

"Volunteering to work with younger children doing something like coaching is a great way to get involved in further social action. I hope I can continue to show that taking part in sports like volleyball can be really positive for young people."


Organisations Fynn has taken part with:


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