Fern Fairgrieve

Fern became an #IWill Ambassador in 2017. Read her social action journey:

“I was 12 when I first took over the school book club and opened it to all year groups, genders and abilities. I had children join who were transgender, or autistic, or other individuals who didn't fit into social norms. I soon realised that they saw the school book club as a way to escape, as a safe place doing something they loved. I then began working more with disabled and less abled children, getting them involved in team exercises and reading. Having so many different backgrounds around means it can be challenging to accommodate all of their needs but social action has taught me resilience!

I then went on to do lots of social action particularly with Jak's Den, including fundraising with stillborn charities and cancer charities in the form of bake-sales, car-boot sales, football games, pageants and many more.

I now buddy younger year groups transitioning to high school to give them extra help. I also help to connect school children with the elderly in the community and run the Nativity. My social action has made a difference to many people in the community, mainly those who are different by giving them somewhere to fit in. It’s also made a difference to myself by making me a better person.”

Organisations Fern has participated with:

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