Euan Tan

Euan became an #iwill ambassador in 2018 at the age of ten. This is Euan's social action story:

"I first started social action when I was six years old, with my family. Standing at the entrance of a supermarket, we volunteered our time to persuade shoppers to buy a few more groceries and to donate them to the Midlothian Foodbank so that food could be provided to families who really needed it. It was a tough challenge getting shoppers to do this, but I felt very satisfied after it. This is what prompted me to do more volunteering with the Foodbank as part of my school Activity Medal Aware scheme and I did a reverse Advent for them.

I am now involved with the NHS Scotland Youth Steering Group for Digital Health Technology for young people and the 5 (Digital) Rights Summit 2018.

My social action has taught me from a young age about different situations and families, and it humbles me to know that some people do not have enough money to buy food and that they would have gone hungry if we had not volunteered our time. I strongly believe that no-one should go hungry. My parents have been my inspiration, always championing equality, and I feel lucky to be able to be able to give back to my local community."

Organisations Euan has been involved with:

  • Midlothian Foodbank
  • NHS Scotland Youth Steering Group for Digital Health Technology
  • Scottish Government Digital Resilience Youth Steering Group
  • 5 (Digital) Rights Summit 2018.
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