Charlotte Donaldson


Charlotte became an #IWill ambassador in 2019. Read her social action story here: 


I’ve been involved in speaking out for the Gypsy Traveller community since I was very young. I’ve got a fire for my culture and fight at every turn for equality for my people in the non-Gypsy world. Most importantly, I want a place for us around every youth work strategy table in Scotland.

I was one of the first members and also a founder of the Scottish Gypsy Traveller Assembly, which was established in 2018. In this role, I’ve been involved in many meetings with representatives of the Scottish Government and have actively contributed to the Human Rights Commission in their 2019 annual report.

I’ve also worked with Culture Perth & Kinross Museums to identify Gypsy Traveller artefacts for the ‘Gypsy, Roma & Traveller History Month’ exhibit at Perth Museum.

Most recently, I was a key speaker at the Tobar An Keir (House and Road) May Festival at Aberdeen University, which celebrated our traditions and talked about the contemporary experiences of our community.

One of my latest initiatives is working to have Gypsy Traveller representation at national level on the Scottish Youth Parliament. I want to build a bigger Gypsy Traveller Youth Forum for Scotland. This forum would include the voices of young Gypsy Travellers from each of the 32 districts in Scotland by way of local Gypsy Traveller youth councils.

What’s more, I aspire to have equal representation on every national youth work organisation so that the voices of my community are heard and counted in the most important issues of the day, from racism and LGBT+ rights to employment and education.

Social action has taught me how to speak out in a way that makes people listen. I used to sit quietly in meetings; now I stand up and am heard at a local and national level.


Organisations that Charlotte has worked with:

  • Gypsy Traveller Youth Assembly
  • Human Rights Commissioner of Scotland 


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