Ben Fleming

Ben became an #IWill ambassador in 2019. Read his social action story here: 

My earliest significant involvement in social action began when I started volunteering in local primary and secondary schools, aged 15. I offered literacy coaching for pupils whose first language wasn’t English, as well as academic help and exam advice to those who found their school-work challenging.

Later, I went on to curate a workshop which provided GCSE students with a five-step process for exam success. I’m currently Chief Operating Officer of YouthPolitics UK, an award-winning non-profit organisation dedicated to engaging and empowering young people in politics. Through training workshops, campaigns, events and articles, we enhance the voices of young people in public affairs, helping to bridge the gap between politicians and the youth.

I joined YouthPolitics in 2017 as Head of Events, going on to organise our inaugural conference in March 2018. This brought together over 500 young people for a day of speeches, debates, workshops and more, and featured keynote speeches by Alastair Campbell, Michael Crick and Andy Burnham. Later that year I became COO, and now play a major role in the management and operations of the organisation, including overseeing 30 volunteers.

Meanwhile, as Vice President of the Edinburgh Political Union, I’m leading an initiative to unlock the union to the wider community outside of Edinburgh University, engaging with local schools and improving political literacy in the city. It’s vital for the future of our society that the youth remain politically vigilant, and my work with YouthPolitics has helped to engage and empower young people across the country in this vein.

The best part of my social action has been witnessing bright young people demonstrating a ferocious passion for political issues that had previously gone untapped. Watching them debate, campaign for, and write about the topics that matter most to them has been incredibly rewarding.

Organisations that Ben has worked with:

  • YouthPolitics UK
  • Edinburgh University 


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