Amy Gadhia

Amy became an #iwill ambassador when in 2018. Read her social action journey: 

"I started social action when I became a Year of Young People 2018 Ambassador. I attend meetings on sustainability and youth rights, spoke at conferences and met inspirational people.

I am setting up a fashion show for Scotland’s Association for Mental Health (SAMH), with a team of young people. We are designing clothes around six themes that conveying the constructs of society and have already raised £3,500.

My personal experiences and upbringing inspired my social action. Being half Indian, half British I have grown up in a family where only one grandparent speaks English. I can spend one weekend at a British wedding, the next at a Hindi wedding. My life has been inspiring, though not easy.

My father who is Indian, and my mother, who is British, met at 19 and ran away to marry. Initially my dad’s parents disowned him, but soon forgave him. The tensions of mixing religion and race in a marriage were clear. Fast forward 20 years to the birth of me and my cousins, everything had changed. My grandmother learnt how to tell me in English that her hurt and disappointment in my dad’s actions were rooted in him having freedom she didn’t have, but when children were born it all made sense, divisions of religion and race disappeared with gratitude and liberty mattering most. This merging of two families has given me hope for the future being one of change, passion, love and respect.

Struggling with grief upon the death of my maternal grandparents, who played a key role in my upbringing, I questioned everything, becoming confused and lonely. I eventually asked for help and realised that all the money and power in the world amounts to nothing in comparison to the power of people."

Organisations Amy has participated with:

  • SAMH
  • Young Scot
  • Children in Scotland
  • Scottish Youth Parliament
  • The Chesney Trust
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