"We will use our communication channels to advocate for and celebrate young people as positive and powerful changemakers."


5 Top Tips for a Blog

Recognise young people through blog posts with our 5 top tips.


5 Top Tips for a Social Media Takeover

Hand over the reins to your social media accounts and celebrate young people with our takeover guidance.


5 Top Tips for a Vlog

Videos are a great way to celebrate and recognise young people. Check out our top tips to help you create yours.


Participative Democracy Certificate

The Participative Democracy Certificate (PDC) acknowledges and develops communication, decision-making and negotiation skills in the context of democratic engagement.


Amazing Things 4th Edition

There are a whole range of accredited award opportunities in Scotland for young people. Check out the Awards Network for a really comprehensive list.


Young Scot Rewards

Young Scot connects young people with a wide range of benefits, entitlements and opportunities through the Young Scot Card & Reward.


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