Empowering young people today for a better tomorrow


#IWill in Scotland is evolving...

Since 2015, we've been building a movement for change, supporting organisations across Scotland to empower young people to take meaningful social action on the issues that mean the most to them.

However, despite everything we have already achieved together, Scotland's young people are now having to endure some of the most acute impacts of Covid-19. Disruption to their education; ongoing uncertainty over their future; worsening mental health and wellbeing; economic downturn; climate emergency. 

Now, more than ever, we must listen to young people, work with them, and empower them to be changemakers.

That's why our pledge model is being upgraded to the #PowerOfYouthCharter, a solid commitment from organisations across Scotland to put young people at the heart of Scotland's recovery by providing even more opportunities for young people to take action, make a difference and influence change!

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