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#IWill in Scotland is evolving...

Since 2015, we've been building a movement for change, supporting organisations across Scotland to empower young people to take meaningful social action on the issues that mean the most to them.

However, despite everything we have already achieved together, Scotland's young people are now having to endure some of the most acute impacts of Covid-19. Disruption to their education; ongoing uncertainty over their future; worsening mental health and wellbeing; economic downturn; climate emergency. 

Now, more than ever, we must listen to young people, work with them, and empower them to be changemakers.

That's why our pledge model is being upgraded to the #PowerOfYouthCharter, a solid commitment from organisations across Scotland to put young people at the heart of Scotland's recovery by providing even more opportunities for young people to take action, make a difference and influence change!


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The Charter

All young people should be empowered to take action, make a difference and influence change. As part of our commitment to young people, we therefore commit to take action on the following areas:


1. Prioritise empowering young people to volunteer and take social action

We will have an action plan outlining how we will support more young people with diverse lived-experiences, particularly those from low-income and ethnic minority backgrounds, to volunteer and be involved in positive social action.


2. Open up your decision-making structures

We will offer opportunities for young people, particularly from low income and ethnic minority backgrounds to be part of our organisation’s decision-making.


3. Work in partnership

We will work collaboratively with young people, organisations and policy-makers locally and nationally to create more high quality opportunities, reach young people from low income and ethnic minority backgrounds and realise the potential of the #IWill Scotland goals.


4. Evidence the benefits of youth social action

We will capture and share insights, stories and data on how we are working with young people, and the positive impact this has on them, our organisation, their communities and wider society.


5. Recognise and celebrate young people

We will use our communication channels to advocate for and celebrate young people as positive and powerful changemakers.


Steps for signing the Charter

1. Sign up to the Charter through a senior leader from your organisation such as the Chief Executive or Chair. Ideally you will have endorsement for the Charter from your Board. Your organisation will outline specific actions it will take to deliver on the Charter commitments. You can do so by completing the below form.

2. Shout about it. Publicise your adoption of the Charter through your communication channels. Use our comms pack here to help you.

3. Follow through. Your organisation will hold itself accountable to young people and track its development by sharing your progress towards the Charter commitments annually with #IWill Scotland partners, ambassadors and your networks.

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