#IWill Scotland


All young people should have the opportunity to make a difference!

#IWill Scotland aims to make participation in volunteering and social action the norm for all young people! Will you join us? 

Watch our short video below on why #IWill Ambassadors are calling on you to champion the #PowerOfYouth in Scotland: 


The power of youth! 

The #IWill movement in Scotland aims to encourage and empower more young people to take action, make a difference and influence change within their communities, the environment and broader society through activities such as volunteering, fundraising, mentoring, campaigning and activism. Year of Young People 2018 highlighted that young people in Scotland are leading the way and are already making a significant impact! New doors were opened to ensure that young people were being involved in shaping and informing services which have an impact on their lives and futures. But there’s much more we can do! We want to ensure that those doors continue to stay open past 2018, as well as create opportunities to open even more! 

#IWill partners are working together across Scotland to deliver a cross-sector approach that will transform the role and perception of young people in society. We are calling on organisations from business, health & social care, voluntary sector, education and environment to come forward and support the young people of today make a difference for the world of tomorrow! 

Find out more on how to get involved and start spreading the word about the #PowerOfYouth! 


Get in touch! 

Want to find out more? Contact Jenni Snell on iwill@youthlinkscotland.org or 0131 313 2488 to discuss how you can get involved! 


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