#iwill in Scotland


We're a strategic partner for #iwill in Scotland, leading the campaign with Young Scot and Education Scotland.

We'd like to you join us in making a pledge to be part of #iwill.

The power of youth social action

This UK-wide campaign aims to encourage and empower more young people to make a difference to their community and to causes they care about through activities such as volunteering, fundraising, campaigning and mentoring. Young people in Scotland are leading the way and are already making a significant impact, but there’s more we can do.

Get your organisation involved

What could your organisation do to contribute to increasing the number of young people getting involved? How can you widen opportunities so that more young people can make a difference?

Examples of things you can pledge to support #iwill include:

  • Offering volunteering opportunities to young people
  • Committing to recruiting a young person to your charities Board of Trustees
  • Promoting and celebrating the positive role young people can play through social action
  • Ensuring young people have a voice and are represented in decision-making 
  • Committing staff volunteering time to support activities that help young people to get involved e.g. youth projects
  • Offering training to the Scottish #iwill ambassadors – in public speaking, media or other relevant skills
  • Committing to promote the campaign through your media channels and your networks
  • Supporting research into young people’s involvement in making a difference
  • Offering venues, technical expertise or catering for events associated with the #iwill campaign in Scotland and across the UK

There are many different ways that your organisation could contribute to the #iwill campaign – we can work with you to help to identify what your contribution can be. Already know what your pledge will be? Pledge now!

To discuss your pledge please contact Jenni Snell at iwill@youthlinkscotland.org or on 0131 313 2488.

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