Meet the Design Team

The event is co-designed with young people who have formed a Design Team (10 young people) and an Online Support Team (9 young people). Decisions from the venue to the questions posed to the First Minister are decided by the young people and they continue to be involved in the run-up to the second event.

Find out more about the journey the Design Team have been on so far in our video below which shows the first time they met the First Minister.

Take a look at some of the content that's been written on our blog by the Design Team: 

  • Meet the Design Team in our blog and hear why they wanted to get involved.
  • Sally Henry, a member of the Online Design Team has written a blog about her experience of being involved in the project, take a look at the Children in Scotland website to hear her story so far.
  • Tamsin, a member of the online design team, shares her experience of why she wanted to be involved in #FMQTNextGeneration in this blog.
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