Youth Work Outcomes

The Youth Work Outcome Model represents a shared common focus on supporting the development of learning opportunities for the young people we seek to serve.

What are the Outcomes?

Our seven outcomes can be achieved in a range of youth work contexts and practices:

  • Young people are confident, resilient and optimistic for the future
  • Young people manage personal, social and formal relationships
  • Young people create, describe and apply their learning and skills
  • Young people participate safely and effectively in groups
  • Young people consider risk, makes reasoned decisions and take control
  • Young people express their voice and demonstrate social commitment
  • Young people broaden their perspectives through new experiences and thinking

YouthLink Scotland, with the engagement of our members, have produced a handbook to support the youth work outcome model. This handbook provides useful policy links as well as a suite of indicators which have been developed by the sector. Together, the outcomes and indicators will help youth work organisations to self-evaluate and improve services, as well as to support individual young people to realise their potential through youth work.

Moving forward with the Youth Work Outcomes

YouthLink Scotland continues to work with Northern Star in the continued development of the Youth Work Outcomes model.  We have invited our members to become testing sites for the outcome indicators and we have reconvened a members working group for the outcomes.  Our current work plan includes: 

  • identify and write up case studies of how the outcomes are being used in practice
  • review and improve how the outcomes connect to Scotland’s policy landscape
  • check our progress and approach with a group of outcome ‘experts’ 
  • develop a new resource and online home for the outcomes and indicators 
  • deliver outcomes training sessions nationally and regionally 



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