Youth-led Research

Youth-led research is a process by which young people identify and investigate issues that are important to or affect them (and their communities) with the aim of using that information to create change.

YouthLink Scotland have been developing a youth-led research approach over the last few years. This began with supporting young people to take action on sectarianism, then moved into examining women’s history and more recently examines environmental impacts on coastal communities.

This approach involves supporting young people to become researchers in their community and explore issues that resonate with them. Fundamental to the approach is that it is in line with the essential features of youth work – which ensures that young people choose to take part, that they are researching topics which matter to them and that they are equal partners with their youth workers.

We provided the youth workers and young people with guidance and support in all aspects of conducting research including:

  • How to write a research question
  • Ethical considerations
  • Data collection methods
  • Analysis
  • Presenting research findings


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