Outcome 6: Indicators 11 and 12

Indicator 11: Young people take action on an issue important to them

Indicator 12: Young people have an active role in delivering solutions or change in their communities

Indicators 11 and 12 focus on young people taking action, campaigning and delivering change. These indicators involve young people committing their time and energy focussed towards a specific goal or change they would like to see locally, nationally, or globally. Indicator 11 measures the activity young people undertake regardless of the output or outcome. Indicator 12 focuses on the change that happens as a result of young people’s activity. In many cases delivering change will also involve the contribution of other young people, individuals and organisations and cannot be solely attributed to the actions young people take.

How can I measure this indicator with young people?

  • Records of activity young people have taken part in to deliver change: being a member of a youth forum, petitions, marches, lobbying elected officials, blogs, vlogs, etc.
  • Outputs of young people’s activity: films, reports, consultation responses, etc.
  • Outcomes of young people’s activity, including changes in policy, services and products
  • Accreditation portfolios
  • Asking young people directly about campaigning activity using questions such as:

In the last six months, have you given up your time to help campaign on an issue that is important to you?

Yes through my youth group

Yes in my spare time

No but I’d like to

No and I’m not interested in doing this in the future

I don’t know

How often have you taken part in campaigning activity in the last six months?

A few times a week

Once a week

Once every two weeks

Once a month

What type of campaigning activity you have done in the last six months?

Signed a petition

Contacted my councillor/MSP/MP

Attended a protest march

Encouraged other people to campaign on an issue

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