Outcome 6: Indicator 3

Indicator 3: Young people are listened to

As well as expressing their opinions, it is important that young people are listened to and heard. Indicator 3 measures to what extent young people’s voices are listened to in a range of contexts – in their personal lives, within their youth work groups, or within their communities.  Within a youth work setting, Indicator 3 is a measure of the quality of the youth work organisation where young people’s thoughts and ideas are listened to and acted upon. Whether young people are listened to in other settings is out with youth work’s control but you are able to measure whether a young person felt listened to in these settings and support young people to gather the views of adults on how they have listened to the views of young people.

How can I measure this indicator with young people?

  • Records of meetings
  • Reflection questions at the end of consultation events young people participate in
  • Surveys with adults young people have engaged with
  • Evidence of action as a result of young people’s views
  • Ladder of Participation Activity – an activity to explore and record when young people have express their voice and shape what happens within a group. You can download the activity here.
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