Outcome 6: Indicator 2

Indicator 2: Young people express their point of view

Indicator 2 focuses on young people being able to share their opinions with others. This could be in verbal or written form, and in any setting from small group to presenting in front of hundreds of people. Expressing their point of view might include making a film or animation, writing letters or emails, contributing to a group discussion, providing feedback on sessions and experiences to youth workers. 

How can I measure this indicator with young people?

  • Session recording sheets
  • Outputs such as film, animation or audio
  • Ask young people how much they agree or disagree with a statements such as

I am confident to speak in a group/in front of people

I am able to share what I think with others

You can use an agree/disagree scale like the one below for young people to record their responses. They can do this using stickers, ticks or whatever they choose.

Agree/disagree scale

  • I really agree
  • I agree
  • I disagree
  • I really disagree
  • I don’t know

You can do this through questionnaires, 1-2-1 sessions or focus groups/workshops.

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