Outcome 6: Indicator 15

Indicator 15: Young people understand the role of power within society

Power is about the degree of control people have over resources such as money, materials, decision-making etc. Power is used in relationships with individuals and groups within society and can help drive or stop change. This indicator focuses on whether young people realise what power they have, who else has power and how they can share or access that power.

How can I measure this indicator with young people?

  • Ch-Ch-Changes Activity (from The Little Book that Roars, Roars Not Whispers) will provide you with lots of qualitative data about how young people see power and change within society. You will need more than one facilitator unless it is a very small group. You can download the Ch-Ch-Changes Activity here.
  • You can also record young people’s engagement with groups or individuals that hold power such as adults in a professional capacity, elected officials, local and national government, and local media. You can then ask young people to map their engagement on to Harts Ladder of Participation so they can explore where power sits in the engagement and decision-making processes they have been involved in. You can download the ladder here.
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