Outcome 6: Indicator 14

Indicator 14: Young people understand how to engage in democratic structures

Democratic structures can be wide-ranging from local organisations and youth forums to national and European structures. This indicator explores whether young people know how to engage in democratic structures which involves young people understanding that voting is one engagement mechanism but that they can engage in other ways such as responding to consultations or engaging with elected officials. Participation in democratic structure is evidence that young people know how to do so.

How can I measure this indicator with young people?

  • Voting records from your youth group, voting on direction of the group, activities, etc.
  • Engagement in SYP elections: number of candidates, attendance at hustings events, votes cast.
  • Minutes/records of engagement with elected officials
  • Consultation responses to local or national government
  • Engaging other young people in consultations on behalf of the youth group
  • Creation of, or participation in, youth forums
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